Monday, July 14, 2014

The End of an Era

Owen turned 2 last Tuesday.  I never really got emotional about it while it was all happening.  But afterwards I've been thinking about the fact that we are really about done with the baby era.  He still sleeps in his crib for now and he's still in diapers, but other than that, the baby stuff is pretty much gone.  I don't have the heart to put away the boppy even though he hasn't nursed in 6 months and I don't rock him to sleep anymore.  Now I rock him and sing him one song before I lay him down awake in his crib.  He always goes to sleep just fine, no fuss or fight.  Owen is usually pretty easy going.  He has reached the terrible twos as far as tantrums go.  He will throw some pretty mammoth fits over some pretty minuscule issues.  But whatever it is, its a big deal to him.  He puts up with a big brother who enjoys antagonizing him.  Ultimately I know it will make him a stronger person.  He's a very affectionate kid, especially compared to his brother who is relatively independent.  I still think the difference there can be chalked up to the way they were both brought into this world.  Emmett, who was born by C-section and spent 5 days in the NICU, the first two without being held by anyone, was never very cuddly.  Owen, who was born naturally and spent only 4 hours in the NICU, after which I held and nursed him round the clock, is very snuggly and affectionate.  Coincidence?  I think not.

I love having boys.  I don't mind at all that I spent the majority of my day playing with cars, trucks, and other vehicles and building tracks to run them on.  It sure beats playing Barbies any day.  And I think its a myth that boys are dirty and love playing in the mud.  My boys don't like to get their hands dirty.  They don't like when their hands are sandy or sticky.  They want their hands and faces wiped periodically during meals.  They are already starting to fight with each other.  They antagonize each other just to get a reaction.  I laugh at them unless anyone is getting hurt or overly upset.  But I am truly loving every minute of raising them and being at home with them.  I wouldn't trade these years for any other years of my life to date.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bye Bye Big Boy

Emmett started preschool last week.  I have known for a while that this day needed to come, and in the end it was somewhat anti-climactic.  Sometimes you build something up in your head, expecting it to be a really big transition, and it ends up being pretty smooth. 

I waited until most preschools were already in session before I went to visit the ones I was considering.  I wanted to see the class in session and the teachers engaged with the kids.  The decision we made was largely based on the teacher of his class.  He is in the middle of his second week of school and so far I'm still happy with our decision.

When I dropped him off that first day I wasn't sure what to expect.  The only experience he has had with us leaving him with anyone other than grandparents is at church on Sundays, and he has never had a problem.  He barely notices that we leave and he gets mad when we show up to pick him up because he's having fun and doesn't want to go home.  Turns out preschool went exactly the same way, despite being at a different church than the one we attend on Sundays.  Emmett has never been shy.  He's very social and he has enjoyed playing with the other kids in his class.

After dropping him off the first day I sat in the car and cried for a few minutes.  Not because it hurt me to leave him, but because it was a big milestone in his life.  I pulled myself together and took Owen home.  I kept busy so that I wouldn't think too much about it, and soon enough it was time to go pick him up.  I was hoping to find him just as happy as he was when I left him and he was.  He did seem just a little bit glad to see me, which was nice for a change.  (That was the only day he was glad to see me though, after that he went back to being disapointed to be going home.)  When I asked him how his day went he said it was good and that he had fun.  And he wanted to go back the next day too.

The biggest worry I have had about Emmett going to preschool is his behavior.  Emmett is a very active kid who doesn't like to sit for very long.  He is also very stubborn and can be argumentative.  I have had to accept to some extent that this is just the way he is, despite my best efforts to change that.  So far he has only had minor behavior issues, and it hasn't been every day.  I'm hoping that perhaps preschool will help improve his behavior more than I have been able to.   

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bye bye baby

It doesn't happen right on their first birthday.  It happens in small increments over the second year of their lives.  Their babyhood just slips gradually that it doesn't register with you until have a quiet moment to think.  Owen is going to be my last baby (barring no accidents) and its starting to hit me that a certain era of our lives is coming to an end.  He's crawling and pulling up, but he can't stand on his own yet or walk.  He's not saying much other than "Mama" and "Dada" but he did inform me the other morning that he had pooped by gesturing to his butt and saying, "Poopoo."  He's completely off baby food and he will eat almost anything I put in front of him.  He always wants whatever we have.  Too bad Emmett won't do that.  He's at the age where if we're eating it, he wants no part of it, with a few exceptions like steak and spaghetti.

Soon enough Owen will be walking and talking.  He will eventually give up breastfeeding.  Then he'll need to give up his crib and start sleeping in a bed.  We've already put so much baby stuff in storage: the baby tub, the swing, the bouncer, the baby carrier carseat.  We're keeping all of those things for now, probably to hand down to family.  Its so bittersweet, because having my babies has been the greatest part of my whole life.  But it has also been the hardest thing I have ever been through, and I am 99.9% certain that I never want to go through it again.  Not even to try for a girl, because chances are we'd just have another boy, and I don't think I would be willing to go through it again even if having a girl was guaranteed.

I have to admit, in all honesty, that I have not kept as good records for Owen as I did for Emmett.  I may have lost track of when some of his later teeth have come in.  I'm not sure exactly what day he crawled for the first time (the video camera knows if I just check though).  I'm sure there aren't as many pictures of Owen, and Emmett is in a lot of them.  I guess that's just how it goes with the second child.  But just as your first born holds a special place in your heart, so does your last born.  Both of my boys will be my babies forever.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The daily grind

Both boys are napping right now.  Emmett had a dentist appointment this morning.  There was a little bit of plaque on his teeth, so it seems I need to be brushing his teeth a little better.  Right now we only do it at night, so I think we will start brushing in the morning too and see if that helps.  Its difficult to brush someone else's teeth, because you can't tell if you're applying enough pressure sometimes.  And he's much too young to do it well enough himself.  So we'll work on that.

After the dentist we went to the playground at church as a reward for doing well at the dentist.  I always forget that I can't reward him with ice cream because the fluoride they paint on his teeth has to set for 30 minutes before eating or drinking.  Because we were out all morning, Owen didn't get a morning nap.  So he went to sleep shortly after Emmett did, which was only about an hour earlier than he usually he does.  He was a trooper.  Usually he falls asleep in the car on the way home, but he didn't this time.  I think he's growing out of that.  In fact he may be starting to give up his morning nap.  It seems way too early for that, he just started taking decent naps a few months ago.  At least now he's sleeping through the night, until at least 6:00 in the morning.  Sometimes he snoozes back to sleep on his own after that, sometimes he fusses and needs to nurse.  After nursing sometimes he goes back to sleep, other times he doesn't.  And quite frankly, 6:00 AM is earlier than I want to be up for the day.  But I'd rather he sleep straight through until then and get up early, than wake up in the middle of the night. 

Our dryer died last week.  It had been gradually drying less and less well, taking longer and longer to dry a load.  Then last Monday in the middle of a load I heard a bang and it just stopped.  Went up to the laundry room and there was a burning smell, the electrical kind.  So that was that.  Bought a new one on Thursday and had it delivered today since we were at the beach all weekend.  We bought the cheapest one we could find, because we really can't afford one right now at all.  It had good reviews and we even know someone who had one and could vouch for it.  So hopefully we don't regret the purchase.  I'm trying it out right now.  We have 7 days to return it if we don't like it, so I'm gonna use it like crazy this week to make sure I'm happy with it.

As I previously stated, we were at the beach over this past Memorial Day weekend.  We had a great time.  The weather was a little cooler than usual for this time of year, so we really only spent a few hours on Monday at the actual beach.  But the weather was perfect for being outside.  Spent a lot of time just sitting out on the deck relaxing, looking out over the waterway.  The boys were entertained by their grandparents and great grandparents most of the time, and thanks to them Chris and I got to relax.  And the highlight of the weekend for me was getting to go out on the jet skis that Chris's dad recently bought.  I hadn't been on one since senior beach week the summer after I graduated high school, and I forgot how fun it is.  I let Chris drive, I just hung on for dear life.  It was a blast!  The wind in our faces, occasional splashes of water, exhilarating.  If you've never been on one, I highly recommend it.  The weekend went by too fast as usual.  The boys were both really good for the drive down to the beach, but the way back didn't go quite as well.  When Owen is tired, sometimes he just peacefully drifts off to sleep in the car.  Other times he screams and screams until he nearly makes himself sick and hoarse.  Of course he decided to start screaming when we had nowhere to stop.  When we finally did I sat in the car and fed him, we all went to the bathroom, and we got right back on the road.  With a full tummy he went right off to sleep.  Emmett was good both ways, especially with the help of the car DVD player Chris's parents got us for Christmas.  As soon as we can turn Owen's seat around to face forward, he will be able to watch too.  We did get Emmett a new booster seat before the trip so that we could move Owen into Emmett's old seat.  He has outgrown his baby carrier car seat.  Taking it out of the car for the final time made me a little sad.  I can't believe we will be celebrating his first birthday in just over a month.  His first year has gone by even faster than Emmett's did.

Owen still isn't crawling.  I'm trying to focus on the positive, the fact that he is so much easier to handle when he's not mobile.  By the time Emmett was Owen's age, just shy of 11 months, he was walking.  I don't know if its anything I'm doing different, or if he's just different.  They say some kids never really crawl, they just get up and walk.  He's not pulling up either though, so I don't expect that to happen any time soon. 

This post has been long enough, and who knows how long I will have until the boys wake up.  Another post finished without interruption! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Children's Museum

Last Friday night we went to the Children's Museum here in Winston-Salem for their discount night.  We hadn't been in nearly a year since the last discount night and we really wanted to see if Emmett would still enjoy it.  Well he had a blast and we decided it would be worth the money to buy a yearly membership. 

After two straight days in the house, yesterday watching the rain fall all day, we needed to get out.  So this morning we decided to go back to the museum.  I like just letting him run and watching to see which activities he chooses to go to.  Friday night he spent the majority of his time in the Krispy Kreme donut factory where they can put plastic donuts onto conveyer belts and turn wheels to make them move and fall into bins and other such things.  I figured that would be exactly where he wanted to go again, but surprisingly he didn't spend much time there today.  Emmett tends to have a pretty short attention span, especially when he's excited.  So he mostly ran from one thing to the other, not staying on any one thing for long.  I think that as we go more often and he gets used to it, he will find certain areas that are favorites of his.  They always have a craft room where they can make something, but so far Emmett isn't very interested in stuff like that.  He doesn't really like to color, he will occasionally paint, but mostly he wants me to do the drawing and coloring telling me "Mommy, draw a truck!  Mommy draw Lightning McQueen!"  He played for a while in the grocery store part.  He likes to play with the cash register, anything with buttons.  He did explore a few areas that he wouldn't try last time.  They have this big climbing aparatus that has a lot of platforms they can climb up on, which he used to be afraid of, but this time he tried it for a while.  A few times he got himself into places he was afraid to climb back down from, but I was able to talk him down each time.  He spent a lot more time in the fairy tale land today as well, trip trapping up and down the bridge from the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  I like to see him use his imagination beyond just reinacting scenes from Cars with his cars.  We spent about an hour and a half there this morning, which seemed like plenty and was a welcome break from the walls of this house.  I'm also hoping that I will have the chance to connect with other stay at home moms there.  I did see one mom that I had met at a park a month or so ago, so that was cool.  And I'm hoping Emmett might make some friends who are there regularly.

Of course the only bad thing about being out this morning is that Owen did not get much of a nap.  He didn't fall asleep until noon on our way home, when he just recently started napping from about 10:30 until noon.  And he only got about 10 minutes of sleep because he woke up as soon as I brought him in from the car.  So many times I have wished that it was ok to just leave him sleeping in the car, because he never stays asleep once I get him out.  And for the last 3 days he has taken good naps, at least an hour and a half at a time as opposed to the usual 30 minutes.  So this afternoon he didn't nap as well and I'm worried that I screwed that up with just one morning of disruption to his schedule.  Oh well, I said that with this child I was not going to be a slave to a schedule, that I was going to be more flexible for my own sanity.  So I am going to try and stick to that.  And its for Emmett's benefit too.  I can't keep him in the house all the time just so that his brother can nap on a schedule.  Its not fair to him.

Well I do believe I have actually finished a blog post without interruption.  Awesome! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I choose to blog!

Both Emmett and Owen are napping right now.  There are a million things I should do, and a million things I want to do.  I cannot possibly do them all, and so I choose to blog.

Its amazing how fast both of my boys are growing and changing.  Owen is learning to sit up and starting to eat rice cereal.  He skipped right over rolling over.  He can't go either way, and absolutely hates being on his tummy.  I know that's supposed to be an important milestone, and if this was Emmett, I would have been freaking out.  But that's one of the wonderful things about the second just don't worry as much about every little thing.  Lately I've been doing a lot of comparing between what Owen is like and what Emmett was like at the same age.  They have some things in common and other things are very different.  They certainly both have their own personalities.  Emmett was slightly bigger and started getting teeth a little sooner.  Owen has two bottom front teeth right now, and it makes his smile just that much cuter.  He hasn't been sleeping well for about 2 months now.  A good night is when he gets up twice.  A great night is when he only gets up once.  He never sleeps through the night anymore.  And a bad night is when its more than twice.  Then there are horrible nights where he won't let me put him down and I get to sleep in a chair holding him.  But I'm pretty sure those nights were only due to the cold that he had.  We haven't had a night like that since.  He won't seem to fall into a nap schedule.  He gets sleepy for his first nap around 10:00 - 10:30 most mornings.  On a good day that first nap lasts for an hour or more.  But a lot of days it lasts about 30 minutes.  When that happens, he's ready for his next nap between 1:30 and 2:00, which is good because that's when Emmett naps.  But it also means that unless that nap is a really long one, he will need a third nap around 4:30 - 5:00.  And that one is usually short and leaves him a bit grumpy (but less grumpy than with no nap at all).  On the days when his first nap is long, it means that he is awake during most of Emmett's nap, and then needs another one about 3:00 when I usually have to get Emmett up.  If we let Emmett sleep any longer, which he will do if left alone, he won't fall asleep at night until 11:00 sometimes (after laying down around 9:30).   So on those days I get zero time to myself all day, and that is hard.  The other issue is that if Owen naps in the morning and in the afternoon around Emmett's nap time, we can't leave the house all day.  So if I choose to take them anywhere in the morning, Owen gets a short nap in the car and/or stroller.  These are just some of the things that make life with two kids hard.

But the good things outweigh the bad most days.  I love when Emmett plays with Owen.  Owen already worships the ground Emmett walks on.  He smiles and laughs at him, watches whatever he does, and wants to be wherever he is.  Emmett is not always the best role model, but he's only 3 years old.  We have talked to him about the great responsibility he has as Owen's big brother.  For the most part it goes right over his head, but I know it will start to sink in bit by bit.  Emmett impresses me constantly with his ability and intelligence.  He has a memory like an elephant.  He has only been on this earth for 3 years, but he will recall memories from before he was 2 just out of the blue.  He knows all his letters, numbers, colors, shapes.  He even knows some of the lowercase letters too, which we are just starting to work on.  His imagination is limitless.  His favorite toys are still cars and trucks, with trains coming in as a close third.  He has a lot of the cars from Disney's Cars the movie (his all time favorite movie) and he narrates as he plays and its so much fun to listen and watch him when he doesn't know I'm paying attention.  I'm considering starting him in preschool just a few mornings a week, but I'm not sure how to make it work right now.  With me staying home we really can't afford it and with Owen I still can't work even part time while he would be at school.  Instead I try to find opportunities to get him together with other kids.  I'm thinking of getting a membership to the Children's museum so that we have somewhere to get out of the house when its cold or rainy besides the mall playground and Barnes & Noble.  Its amazing how difficult it has been to find other stay at home moms who want to have playdates.  Even a local mothers group that I joined has failed to provide me with playdate opportunities.  We go to playgrounds to find other kids, and luckily Emmett is very social and makes friends quickly.  But then we rarely ever see the same kids again.  And when I do meet other moms at parks I am too shy to ask for phone numbers.  Its like dating all over again.      

I started this post about a week ago and stopped because the baby woke up.  And of course I never found the time to finish it.  I've finally decided that I am going to have to start posting these things unfinished whenever I get interrupted, otherwise I will never post at all.  So you may start to see posts that seem unresolved or even stop mid sentence.  But the point of this blog is for me to write about my life as it is right now, and constant interruptions are just a normal part of that.  When you have two children, someone always needs something.  I can't imagine what its like for anyone with more than two.  Anyway, this is all I have time for today.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Owen's Birth Story

            Owen’s birth story could not be more different than Emmett’s.  Where in the beginning of Emmett’s I had to put a warning that it would be emotional and possibly difficult to read, Owen’s is merely joyful.

            Tuesday July 3rd, two days after my due date, I went to the doctor.  I was declared only one centimeter dilated, as I had been for 3 weeks.  After having a c-section with Emmett, I was determined to give birth vaginally this time.  But the odds were not looking to be in my favor.  Despite the risks, my doctor and the consulting OB determined that we would wait one week and if nothing happened we would schedule an induction.  I was nervous about the increased risk of uterine rupture, but I was willing to risk almost anything to avoid a c-section.  And so, we waited.

            On the morning of Saturday July 7th I woke up and went to the bathroom and there was a little bit of blood.  It scared me at first, because since I was induced with Emmett, I had never gone into labor before and I didn’t really know the signs.  I referred to my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book and found that this is what’s known as the “bloody show” and that labor was most likely 24-48 hours away.  I didn’t get my hopes up, because I had just accepted the fact that I was incapable of going into labor on my own.  Chris’s parents had graciously offered to take Emmett to their house Saturday night and sent us on a “last date” before we had the baby. 

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, during which I began to feel some mild tightening feelings in my stomach.  It didn’t really hurt and they weren’t very strong, so I didn’t really think they were contractions.  We went on to a movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, during which these tightening feelings began to get stronger.  By the end of the movie they were beginning to get strong enough to where I would call them pains.  We passed the hospital on our way home and I jokingly said to Chris, “Hey, we might be checking in there sometime soon!” thinking we were still maybe a day away.  We got home around midnight and I took my usual nightly shower and went to bed.  I was reading my book in an attempt to ignore the pain so that I could get to sleep.  Well the pains got stronger and more frequent.  I decided to start timing them and sure enough, they were about 5-6 minutes apart, but they were only about 30-45 seconds long.  Knowing the 4-1-1 rule (4 minutes apart, one minute long, for one hour) I thought they weren’t long enough to bother calling the doctor.  They began to get closer to 4 minutes apart about 2:00 AM, and even though they weren’t long enough, I decided I better wake up Chris (who had been snoring beside me since I got out of the shower) to get a second opinion.  He timed a few contractions with me and we decided we better call the doctor.  When Chris told him who he was and who he was calling for, the doctor joked “This can’t be the Kim Correll I know, she doesn’t go into labor!”  Chris explained our situation and the doctor suggested we go to the hospital.  We finished packing our bag and Chris took a shower, all the while the contractions were getting stronger and more often.  I got to the point where I had to stop what I was doing and double over the bed or the counter or whatever I was standing next to whenever a contraction hit.  Lucky for us, Emmett was already at his Nana and Pawpaw’s house so we didn’t have to wait for them to get here.  About 3:30 AM we headed to the hospital.

Chris dropped me off at the entrance to the women’s center and went to park the car.  The hospital was so empty and quiet that it was eerie.  When Chris met me with our stuff we hopped on the elevator and went up to labor and delivery triage.  They took me into one of the little triage rooms to check me out.  We answered a bunch of questions and did paperwork.  The triage nurse checked me and I was 3 centimeters dilated.  At that point my contractions were painful but bearable.  I was able to force myself to relax through them with a lot of concentration.  They had to come and start my IV because I had tested positive for the Strep B and needed penicillin.  I started getting nervous about the IV because I know from previous experience how much those hurt.  I tend to be queasy about needles anyway, and I noted the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything since dinner at 6:00 the previous evening.  On an empty stomach and low blood sugar, needles tend to make me faint.  I explained this to the nurse and she offered me a drink. I chose a ginger ale for its stomach settling properties.  However, one sip and I felt like I was going to throw up.  They handed me something to throw up in just in case.  I forced myself to breath and calm down and the nausea subsided.  The nurse came to start my IV and I asked if it was possible to have it in my arm on the side of my wrist instead of the back of my hand (I had one there years ago when I had jaw surgery and I remember it being much less painful than the one I had in my hand when I had Emmett) and she was surprisingly agreeable.  She found a vein quickly and it was in.  She did a great job.  Normally when I tell them needles make me queasy, they send in their best person who can get it in quickly with one try, thank goodness.  Of course as soon as they get the IV in I realize that I have to pee, so they help me roll my cart down to the bathroom (the creepiest part of the IV is being attached to a cart by your vein, ew!).  Then they put me in a wheelchair and took me to a labor and delivery room.

I got all settled into my bed in the labor and delivery room somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00 AM.  They strapped the fetal heart monitor to me and the contraction monitor.  Owen’s heartbeat was strong and all was looking good.  The anesthesiologists came by to see if I wanted an epidural.  At that time the contractions were strong but bearable so I told me I was going to wait and see.  I continued to breath and relax through the contractions.  I even attempted to sleep in between them, but I wasn’t getting long enough breaks in between.   

My doctor, Dr. Rosen, arrived around 7:00 AM and checked my progress.    I was expecting a lot of progress, but I was only 4 centimeters dilated after all that time passed.  I was worried about having a long labor again like my first one.  He said that 4 centimeters was a really good time to break my water, so he did that.  After that things got real.  The contractions became intense and they were coming closer and closer together.  I was barely getting breaks in between and I was no longer able to relax through the contractions.  I was gripping the bed rails or Chris’s hand and moaning and gasping through them.  The epidural was beginning to sound like a really good idea at that point.  After about an hour of that I decided I would have them check my progress again and if I was close to fully dilated I would try to stick it out.  Well I was only 5 centimeters at that point.  I decided that being only halfway there, there was no way I wanted to do that much more without the epidural.  They called anesthesia to come back and I swear it felt like hours before they showed up.  I was begging anyone who would listen to get them to hurry up.  I was losing my mind with pain at that point, moaning and crying.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that, labor is absolute hell.  They finally showed up and I felt a little queasy as I watched them lay out the needles and equipment.  But you know its time when the fear of the next contraction trumps the fear of them putting a needle into your spine.  The process is still very unpleasant, and when they were done I was still feeling the contractions.  They said I would feel about 3 more and then it should start to kick in.  Boy when it does, it is sweet, sweet relief.  You even get a little button to push when you need more pain relief.  I relaxed and shortly afterwards I took a nice nap.  Of course part of me wishes I was strong enough to do it without pain meds.  And I know that women have been giving birth for years without anything.  But my nurse put it into words the best way I’ve heard yet.  She said, “Well you could have a cavity filled without Novocain too, but why would you?  Take the help if its available.”  Of course a month later when you get the bill you wish you had been stronger.  But in the moment no price is too great.  I only had one complication with the epidural.  All of a sudden I started feeling a little dizzy and nauseous.  My blood pressure dipped really low and they had to give me something in my IV to bring it back up again.  That was a little scary, but I started to feel better right away.  I didn’t have any further issues.

At 10:00 I was checked and declared fully dilated.  I started pushing.  I grabbed my legs and I pushed hard.  I was determined that this baby was coming out the traditional way.  I pushed through about 3 contractions and he was getting close to coming out.  They offered to let me watch in the mirror this time, and I actually decided to look.  All I can say is…woah.  But I began to believe that I was going to be able to do this.  On the next contraction the doctor told me to push gently because he would definitely be coming out with the next push.  Despite the epidural I was not completely numb, so I felt him being born.  Owen Mark Correll was born at 10:26 AM on July 8th.  They held him up briefly so I could see him before they took him over to the table to clean him up.  I confirmed for myself once and for all that he was a boy.  I think a tiny part of me was still holding out hope that all the sonograms had been wrong.  They called out his weight as 8 lbs 3 oz and his length at 22 inches.  His crying sounded strong but he was still working a little too hard to breath.  They said he just came so fast that he didn’t get all the fluid squeezed out of his lungs.  He needed to go to the NICU to get better cleaned out and to have a chest x-ray.  This struck fear into our hearts because this was all too familiar, reminiscent of Emmett’s birth.  But I could tell his breathing was much better than Emmett’s, his cry louder, clearer, stronger.  They said he would most likely spend about 4 hours in the NICU before being brought to the room.  We said, “Yeah, we’ve heard that before, and last time he didn’t get out for 5 days!”  They assured us this was very routine.  They wrapped him up and let me hold him for just a few minutes before they took him away.  It was wonderful to be able to hold him at that moment, even if it wasn’t for very long.  Then they put him in one of those clear plastic incubator boxes and rolled him out.  I could tell Chris was more concerned than I was about him, so I did my best to reassure him, explaining the difference in the way his crying sounded.  Then Chris left to go to the NICU to be with Owen.  I was so happy that I managed to deliver him vaginally.  I barely felt how tired I was.  I wasn’t even worried about Owen.  All I could do was smile.   

While all this was going on, Dr. Rosen was doing his repair work, sewing where I had torn and also where he had had to cut me.  I was slightly disturbed by how long he was down there sewing, so I asked him if everything was ok.  He said everything was all right, that it was perfectly within the realm of normalcy for a first delivery even though it was my second attempt.  I said, “Good, because its starting to hurt and my button won’t work anymore.”  He said the epidural was out but that he was almost done.  In what world is it acceptable to be able to feel the doctor sewing you up?  I guess anything goes in labor and delivery. 

A few minutes after he was finally done with the repair work, my parents arrived.  We had waited until 7:00 AM to call them and tell them I was in labor.  We didn’t want to wake anyone up at an ungodly hour.  Then things went so fast they didn’t get there until after the baby was born.  That was ok with all of us though, because they would have left while I was pushing anyway.  The nurse came with a wheelchair to take me to my postpartum room.  On the way we stopped by the NICU to see Owen.  He was perfectly fine, no oxygen necessary, chest x-ray clear.  They said they would have him to my room in a little while.  What a relief!  He needed to go to the nursery first for some routine checks first and then he would be all ours!  It felt so great to have a baby in the healthy baby nursery this time. 

Once I got settled into my room we proceeded to make the necessary phone calls to family and friends.  I got to eat lunch, which tasted so good even though it was hospital food.  I was just so hungry I think any food would have tasted good to me.  I will say one thing, our hospital has the best sweet tea EVER.  I requested it with every meal.  I also like how our hospital gives you choices for your meals.  They come and take your order each day for the next day’s meals.  Its good for picky eaters like me.  And even though it sucks to be in the hospital, I have to admit I love being waited on.  I’m sure I drank too much soda while I was there too, but to have someone bring you whatever you want whenever you want it is pretty cool. 

The next day Chris’s parents came with Emmett.  I couldn’t believe how big he looked when he walked in the room.  I had been so used to holding a newborn for the last 24 hours.  Emmett was really excited to see Owen.  And he seemed really glad to see us again.  He seemed a little weirded out by me in a hospital bed.  He did climb up on the bed and sit with me for a little while, but we never did get a family picture with all of us because he wouldn’t cooperate.  My parents took him home to our house for the rest of the day and we stayed one more night in the hospital.

It felt really weird to be discharged and going home about 48 hours after having Owen.  To some extent I was ready to go home, but I was also a bit nervous about it.  I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to handle both boys at once.  My mom stayed for the rest of the week with me to help me out.  Then she went home and I was on my own.  And the rest is history.